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Welcome to the Wiki[]

What this Wiki Is[]

Wikileaks Crowdsourcing is a wiki intended to do exactly three things:

  1. Crowdsource cables that haven't yet received any media attention (find one, write a summary, a blog post, anything. Then link to it here)
  2. Crowdsource coverage of the cables. What are Tunisians writing about the Tunisian cables?
  3. Add context to the cables and the coverage: who wrote the cables? (This is what the "Diplomats" category is for.) What's the angle of the media source you've found? How is that news source regarded in the country of origin? (This is what the "Media outlet" category is for.)

Despite complaints that the Wikileaks revelations have received comparatively little media attention, the idea is to bring attention to what has been written in the media, on the Internet, anywhere about the US embassy cables. You get the idea.

The mission is to create a usable index of all the existing coverage of the cables, and to add to that coverage; to see what has been written and to make that accessible.

What this Wiki is NOT[]

  • Any "meta" coverage of Wikileaks itself or the personalities involved. This is a space for dealing with the content and context of the cables, period.


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